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Water Quality Updates

water quality updates:

JTOH Family,

Your school's water supply comes from an underground well.  Many years ago, an oil storage tank was buried on school property that was used to supply fuel for the heating system.  The tank has since been removed, and our heating system now uses liquified propane (LP) gas. As a precaution against any possible groundwater contamination, we have conducted periodic testing of the water table at the school property.  We have contracted with an environmental company to drill test wells and take water samples for certified laboratory testing.

The most recent tests results indicate that there is NO groundwater contamination, and that the water supply to the school is safe for our students and staff.  A copy of the lab results may be found HERE

 Any questions about the testing process may be directed to Sam Clement, Maintenance and Environmental Safety Supervisor for Granville County Public Schools.

Thank you.

Dr. Stan Winborne

Executive Director of Operations, Human Resources,

Communications, and Safety

Public Information Officer

Granville County Public Schools

(919) 693-4613


By Dr. Stan Winborne, EdD

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